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The osteopath Ehab Hussein is a Swiss citizen with Egyptian roots. He has been living for several years in Switzerland by the shores of Lake Constance. He works in his own practice in Kreuzlingen in his special medical field as Osteopath. Health problems are analysed, interpreted and treated both functionally and holistically.

During his many years of professional practice Ehab Hussein has noticed again and again that a large number of sleeping problems can be traced back to functional disturbances in the body.

His sleep concept Hotepi, which supports the body during the night thereby making top performance during the day possible, is the result of those observations.

The versalite hotepi SLEEP CONCEPT

Our sleep concept is basically suitable for each and everyone who wishes to enjoy really rejuvenating sleep. Apart from this hotepi helps to alleviate diverse other complaints

Quality of sleep

We further a healthy and rejuvenating sleep. The Hotepi sleep concept helps both younger and older people and improves the feeling of well-being regardless of whether you are involved in sport or need to take it easy as a result of illness or injuries.

Promoting good health

The Hotepi sleep concept has a preventative effect in the case of  muscle tension and similar complaints and prevents existing problems from getting worse. The Hotepi sleep concept in combination with a suitable treatment can actually lead to an improvement in the person‘s physical condition.

Swiss made

The products used in the hotepi sleep concept, e.g. mattresses etc., are made completely in Switzerland. We pay special attention to using ecological and natural material which, at the same time, guarantees a long life for the product.

The Hotepi mattress makes it possible for my back to recuperate while I sleep so that the next morning I can begin my day’s work fresh and relaxed. I definitely would not give back the mattress because together with the treatment from Mr. Hussein it has definitely improved the quality of my life.

Benno Eberhard, Engelburg

Certified tax expert

I wouldn’t part with this mattress for all the money in the world

Sigi Wenger, Langrickenbach

Cabinet maker

Through the use of osteopathie Mr. Hussein was quickly able to bring about an improvement in my long-term back problems. The Hotepi mattress and matching pillow have also helped me a lot

Bernadette Erberhard-Koster, Engelburg

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For those who are interested

The Hotepi sleep –concept keeps the body in its anatomical structure. During the sleep period the body must, with all its parts, in particular the spinal column be relieved and tension free. From my experience and research, this is only possible with Hotepi.the concept enables the necessary rest position of the body in sleep.

For specialists

In an unpublished study of mine from the year 2005 – the osteopathic intervention in the case of SAS – it was confirmed that blood oxygen levels in the night are guaranteed due to the correct position between the skull and the spinal column. The control group in this study was treated with CRAP and vegetative disorders could be remedied.

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