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Our sleep concept includes the mattress and a pillow adjusted to your body. In addition, we offer a firm slatted frame made of natural wood as an optimal basis, as well as elegant high-quality bed linen.

New from 100% natural materials

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Coconut fiber fleece

Natural latex


100% cotton

hotepi uses pure cotton from controlled organic cultivation (kbA) for the cover fabrics of the natural mattresses and the natural pillows. (organic: no pesticides and other agricultural sprays).

100% Latexed coconut

hotepi is the only manufacturer to offer this natural material, latexed coconut, in the mattresses in the special height 18 cm. as well as in the pillow cores in solid form in the heights of 1.5 and 2.5 cm. The rational use of this natural material guarantees high and durable stability, which is the aim of the hotepi concept, breathability, pleasant lying properties and good ventilation.

100% natural latex

hotepi has deliberately incorporated a 5 cm natural latex layer in the mattress and a 2 cm natural latex layer in the pillows. This supports stability when lying down and at the same time provides lying comfort.

Natural latex has, among other things, the excellent properties:

  • a high point elasticity for proper lying,
  • an open-pored structure for good ventilation, and
  • a high permanent elasticity for an effective, long.

100% wool

hotepiuses sheep’s wool from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT). This organic wool offers best moisture absorption and release, high heat retention, insulates and is quite elastic. The wool is tipped into the mattress fabric cover as additional padding and used as a support for height adjustment for the pillow. The wool used comes from a certified farm in Switzerland.

The pillow

The pillow of our sleep concept consists of three parts – a core tailored to you, a fur for fine adjustment of the height and a washable cover. Our pillow guarantees a straight posture with your spine straight. In this form, your body is relieved overnight and it can relax optimally.

The mattress

Our mattress with the accompanying pillow provides optimal and at the same time comfortable stability. It supports your body in the lateral position. This posture allows your body to regenerate while you sleep.

The slatted rust

The sleep concept unfolds its full effect with the special board made of natural wood. The full support function for the whole concept with mattress and pillow would thus be achieved.

For double bed

Whether you lie on the right, in the middle or on the left of the bed, the stability is the same. This design provides the complete stability on the whole sleeping surface with the complete comfort.

The hotepi sleeping concept

The hotepi sleep concept consists of a specially developed mattress and the corresponding pillow. The mattress is suitable for any body regardless of gender, size, weight and age.

The hotepi sleep concept guarantees the correct posture of the spine during the night. Only in this way can the body completely relax and regenerate. A healthy sleep gives you more energy and has an inhibiting effect on physical ailments.

Also for on the go


You can get the pillow in two different versions; a solid form for at home and an inflatable version for on the go. In this way, you also benefit from the positive effects of the hotepi sleep concept outside the home.

Foldable mattress

The mattress comes in two versions, the foldable mattress is for traveling. In this way, you also benefit from the positive effects of the hotepi sleep concept outside the home.

Solid slatted frame made of natural wood

Our slatted frame is stable and fits all standard bedsteads/bedframes. The absence of flexible components allows the mattress and pillow to develop their full effect. The slatted frame is available in width from 80cm to max. 140cm available (for 160 bed: 2x 80cm, for 180 bed: 2x 90cm). The length is customized upon request.

More information about quality & production

The materials for the hotepi mattress and the hotepi pillow were selected and processed in cooperation with Swiss companies. The core of these mattresses is used exclusively only for hotepi.

Bedding set for hotepi sleeping concept

hotepi bedding is made of 100% eco cotton sateen, is free of any harmful substances and is made entirely in Switzerland.

The comforter cover is available in standard sizes and the pillowcase in special hotepi sizes. Our bedding comes in four shades: brown, beige, gray and purple – each in light and dark. Check the quality as well as color collection and decide for yourself what you like – plain or two-tone.

cm x cm uni off: two-tone off:
160 x 210 Fr. 192.00 Fr. 208.00
160 x 240 Fr. 212.00 Fr. 228.00
200 x 210 Fr. 232.00 Fr. 248.00
200 x 240 Fr. 252.00 Fr. 268.00
240 x 240 Fr. 272.00 Fr. 288.00

You can order hotepi bedding independently of the sleeping concept for other pillows or special dimensions. For this purpose, please tell us the exact dimensions of the bedding, so that we can make you an offer.

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