Recommendations from our customers

“I’ve suffered severe back pains for many years. The measures taken by doctors and physiotherapists only helped a little and were very short-term, didn’t really last long and after a short time the pains were there again. This had a very negative effect on my day. I was very unhappy and resigned myself to accepting this discomfort. Then a friend drew my attention to the Hotepi system, i.e. mattress and pillow, which had really helped him to relieve his back pain. Despite being very skeptical I soon decided to buy my own Hotepi system of mattress and pillow. Even if it sounds unbelievable, after a period of getting used to it my back pains gradually grew less and less and then disappeared completely. Even on business trips or on holiday the Hotepi system pillow is my companion. The Hotepi system has convinced me completely and I don’t ever intend to stop using it. With a  clear conscience I can recommend the Hotepi system to others”

Gerhard Weber, Thalwil

Former world class athlete VfG/LCZ Athletic Club Zurich

“The Hotepi mattress makes it possible for my back to recuperate while I sleep so that the next morning I can begin my day’s work fresh and relaxed. I definitely would not give back the mattress because together with the treatment from Mr. Hussein it has definitely improved the quality of my life”.

Benno Eberhard, Engelburg

Certified Tax Expert

“I wouldn’t part with this mattress for all the money in the world“

Sigi Wenger, Langrickenbach

Cabinet maker

“After an operation my right arm including my hand was paralyzed and I was plagued with severe “symptom pains”. At the age of 58 I had to give up my job as a machine fitter. The nights spent on a mattress that was much too soft were simply horrific. Thanks to the expert therapy of the osteopath Mr. Hussein and the change to the new sleep concept I am now greatly improved. It‘s really great to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and without pains in various bones.”

Adrian Bötschi, Weinfelden

Machine fitter

“Through the use of osteopathy Mr. Hussein was quickly able to bring about an improvement in my long-term back problems. The Hotepi mattress and matching pillow have also helped me a lot.“

Bernadette Erberhard-Koster, Engelburg

“My husband and I have been sleeping on a Hotepi mattress with a matching pillow for the past three years. We also use the system in our holiday home. The special inflatable pillow accompanies us when we’re otherwise on the move, e.g. in hotels, clinics etc. Thanks to the Hotepi sleep system my back pain has been swept away. My sleep apnoea is under control thanks to the optimal side position”..

Elisabeth Bötschi, Weinfelden

Retired commercial clerk

“Actually I thought that I slept very well on my standard mattress and with a normal pillow…….Since I’ve had the opportunity to try out a Hotepi mattress and pillow, however, I’ve had to change my opinion. In the meantime I’ve been sleeping for two and a half years on my Hotepi mattress and pillow and don‘t want anything else. Now I know what a really good and recuperative sleep is“.

Alex Lengweiler


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