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The position of the head on the spinal column is subject to functional, anatomical laws. These allow the functions as well as the smooth entry and exit of all the physical structures such as blood vessels and nerves. The connection between the skull and the cervical vertebra which lie beneath it is one of very sensitive balance. This should not be disturbed, particularly during the night. Many symptons, among others muscle tension, migraine and loud snoring/sleep apnoea syndrome are the result.

1 The spinal column

The spinal column of the human being in an upright position. It is the same as when lying on one’s back.

2 Lying on one's back:

Lying in this position for a longer time will cause severe strain for the neck and the lumbar spine.

3 Unfavourable lateral position

Failure to take the correct position results in a distortion of the entire spinal column during the night.

4 Consequences of an unfavourable lateral position

The neural supply of the pharynx occurs in this region of the neck. Disturbance here causes loud snoring and  breathing interruptions.

5 Pain develops

The distorted position of the spinal column in the incorrect lateral position results in pain and muscle tension.

The versatile hotepi SLEEP CONCEPT

Our sleep concept is basically suitable for each and everyone who wishes to enjoy really rejuvenating sleep. Apart from this hotepi helps to alleviate diverse other complaints


The solution to a problem is primarily to prevent it. The disturbances must be remedied professionally. Every successful treatment is based on three important steps: recognising the problem, treating it and preventing a reoccurence in the future. This work was confirmed in a study of mine on breathing interruptions at night. With the hotepi sleep concept the primary prevention as well as the prevention of future disturbances is assured.

The hotepi sleep concept

The optimal position during the night ensured by the hotepi sleep concept provides for a deep and rejuvenating sleep.

Provides for a deep and rejuvenating sleep

Prevents muscle tension & pain

Reduces snoring & interrupted breathing

Assists the regeneration of the body


In an unpublished study of mine datig fromr 2005 – Osteopathic intervention in the case of SAS – it was confirmed that blood oxygen levels in the night are guaranteed by maintaining  the correct position between the skull and the spinal column. The control group in this study was treated with CRAP and it proved possible to remedy vegetative disorders.

Through the use of osteopathie Mr. Hussein was quickly able to bring about an improvement in my long-term back problems. The Hotepi mattress and matching pillow have also helped me a lot

Bernadette Erberhard-Koster, Engelburg

My husband and I have been sleeping on a Hotepi mattress with a matching pillow for the past three years. We also use the system in our holiday-home. The special inflatable pillow accompanies us when we’re otherwise on the move e.g. hotel, clinic etc.Thanks to the Hotepi sleep system my backpain has been blown away. My sleep apnoea is under control thanks to the optimal side position

Elisabeth Bötschi, Weinfelden

Retired commercial clerk

The Hotepi mattress makes it possible for my back to recuperate while I sleep so that the next morning I can begin my day’s work fresh and relaxed. I definitely would not give back the mattress because together with the treatment from Mr. Hussein it has definitely improved the quality of my life.

Benno Eberhard, Engelburg

Certified tax expert

Our products

Our sleep concept includes the mattress and a pillow tailored to your needs. In addition, we offer you a solid slatted frame made of natural wood as an optimal basis as well as elegant high-quality bed linen.