Spinal column-problems and tensions

Spinal column-problems and tensions

Spinal column complaints include all the painful syndromes of the patient in regard to cervical vertebrae, skull, thoracic vertebrae and the ribs as well as the lumbar vertebrae, and specifically the sacrum.


The clarification of the complaints follow a clear diagnostic method:

Pathological findings
Is there a pathological finding? This means: is there a modification of the tissue? The structures will be examined by a doctor to either confirm or rule out the existencer of an injury of whatever kind or swelling and so on.. These changes, whether primarily the result of illness or secondarily of an accident, have to be examined and cleared up and the pathological cause has to be treated.

Functionl result/findings
What is meant by a functional result/finding is a disturbance in the mobility of the spinal column. This can be treated by classical osteopathy. This is then referred to as a bone ailment which causes the suffering. A malposition of a vertebra causes severe problems, depending on the position and the degree of the malposition. These can affect the circulatory system, the lymph system and/or the nervous system.

The human body has to be in balance, i.e. all systems, body-parts and organs have to act in harmony to make the functions possible. If a disturbance exists the body notices this and begins to compensate. If the disturbance lasts longer the body exhausts its compensatory possibilities and the condition becomes chronic. The chronic malposition of a vertebra or bone leads to changes in the surrounding structures. This long lasting permanent condition reduces the therapeutic success and, under certain circumstances, pathological as well as organic or mental disorders.

Disorders or malpositions cause pain and these in turn cause muscular tension, which in turn leads to further pain. Malposition in the spinal column should be treated without fail in order to prevent pain and muscular tension, otherwise a vicious circle
of pain and expenses arise.

Permanent fatigue is an observable consequence of this long standing nightly disturbances.


Treatment of spinal column complaints is not the work of just one expert. Team-work is required. The existing pathologies have to be treated with traditional medicine. The functional malpositions have to be alleviated physiotherapeutically.

It is imperative that the corrections which have been achieved are maintained. To guarantee or ensure this the hotepi sleep concept is the only thing that has a long-lasting effect. Without rectification and without the correct posture no form of therapy is successful. Every measure taken will be unsuccessful.

The hotepi sleep concept can help you

The hotepi sleep concept, i.e. the treatment during the night, ensures that therapeutic success of every kind for the spinal column and in particular for the upper cervical verterbrae is permnanent and that you can live long without discomfort.