Sport problems and fatigue

Sport problems and fatigue

Here we are referring to the general complaints of every athlete and not acute injuries. After an exact diagnosis has been made acute injuries require a traditional intervention and treatment. The rehabilitation after the recovery is decisive for athletes and more intensive than with non-athletes.

Background to sports-related problems

The bodies of top athletes are subject to extreme strain much more so than those of the hobby athletes or non athletes.

In order to remove the excess tension and strain, good training, good nutrition, nutritional supplementation and other treatment of the body is required.
Activean passive regeneration: The active regeneration of the athlete is undertaken together with his/her trainer.
The passive regeneration can only be achieved during the night. Then an athlete makes heavy demands on his/her body it must achieve the necessary easingof tension during the night. The hotepi sleep concept plays a decisive role here.

Problems can only arise when the parts of the body no longer harmonise.

  • When the pelvis is not correctly aligned with the thigh pains arise. Unfortunately however, these are mostly diagnosed wrongly and as a result are inadequately treated. The consequences are grave. The malposition automatically causes excessive strain which can lead to early wear and tear of the hip.This kind of pain is mostly interpreted as adductor-tension, strain/pulled muscle or something similar.
  • Torn muscle-fibre, the beginning of inflammations (Tendinitis) and acidification are often diagnosed too quickly as the cause of pain with athletes. In my experience many such complaints result from an irritation of the nerve. The best example of this is the sciatic nerve which in most kinds of sport is under extreme strain.
  • One does not always have to have a spinal disc injury to suffer from the corresponding pain. An exact functional examination quickly discovers the cause.
  • Back problems are often interpreted as tension in the back muscles, neck pains, or shoulder tension. It is very difficult to achieve top performance when suffering from such pain
  • Pains in the feet without injury and pains in the knee without knee-injuries are mostly diagnosed as ligament weakness. Headaches, problems with the eyes, tiredness and so on are often side – effects of functional disorders


All these ailments are mostly caused by poor posture in regard to the above named structures and consequently to incorrect pressure, which automatically leads to pain.

Permanent fatigue is an observable consequence of these long-standing nightly disturbances.


Treatment of such complaints requires expert knowledge of a therapist. Because we are not dealing with actual injuries intervention by a doctor is not necessary. The complaints have to be dealt with as quickly as possible. More important than the treatment, however, is finding out the cause. Just as in the case of the part-time athlete or non athlete the body needs the necessary recuperation.

This takes place mostly during the night. Wrong positioning of the spinal column during the night leads to false posture in the surrounding structures and bones the next day.
Because severe demands are made on the spinal column in training and competition there is no balance between stress and the ability to withstand stress. The optimal position of the body in the night can only be achieved with the hotepi sleep concept.

The hotepi sleep concept can help you

The hotepi sleep concept, i.e. the treatment during the night, ensures that therapeutic success of every kind for the spinal column and in particular for the upper cervical verterbrae is permnanent and that you can live long without discomfort.